At ING Bank Śląski, ecology is an important factor whereon a long-term strategy of building the company’s principles is based. Following the expectations of stakeholders, we look upon our activity in the social, ethical and ecological aspects.

We are aware of the perils arising from the irresponsible usage of natural resources and we are trying to counteract them. The Bank approach is bidirectional:

  • when providing external services, we want to anticipate their potential ecological consequences and strive for proper ecological risk management,
  • internally, we are trying to limit the environmental burden which results from the Bank operations.
  • Following the need to execute the aforementioned assumptions, ING Bank Śląski undertakes to:
  • make business decisions concerning development and growth taking account of the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, raising ecological criteria to the strategic rank,
  • continuously enhance the Environmental Management System and establish as well as review environmental tasks and goals,
  • comply with legal requirements concerning environment protection,
  • take account of positive and negative environmental aspects as well as prevent pollution in the Bank operations,
  • build ecological sensitivity and awareness among employees and their families, as well as business partners,
  • implement pro-ecological initiatives involving employees in the environment protection and pro-ecological management,
  • inform all interested parties about the footprint of our activity on the environment, including publication of the environmental policy and familiarising employees with its content,
  • prefer technologies of providing services that take account of environmental aspects,
  • forecast trends and implement innovative solutions in the pro-ecological management.

This Policy will be reviewed on an ongoing basis in terms of its adequacy and topicality as regards scopes and modes of the Bank operations.

Approved by:
the Management Board of ING Bank Śląski S.A.
Katowice, 14 June 2013