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In Online helpcenter we will help you to get the most out of our daily banking system ING Business.

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Use when need to generate new certificate. To generate certificate you will need the start package. If you don't have it use Unlock access.

Use when need to renew your certificate. It is possible when your cerificate is not blocked. Otherwise use Unlock access and Geneate certificte.

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Mobile banking

  • How to install the application?

    It is easy. On your smartphone go to the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) and type INGBusiness in the search field. You can log on to the application after the service has been activated.

  • How to activate ING BusinessMobile?

    In order to be able to log on to the application you must undergo the activation process first. Log on to ING BusinessOnLine, go to the Administration/Mobile Banking section and follow the instructions on the screen. During the activation process you will get your ID and create a dedicated PIN to the application.

  • What is ID and PIN?

    ID is your login to ING BusinessOnLine and to the mobile application. If you use certificate-based method to log on, you will find your ID in the Administration/ Mobile Banking section. PIN number is a dedicated mobile banking password defined during activation of the ING BusinessMobile application. The PIN code is also used for signing orders.

  • I forgot my PIN, what now?

    Login to ING BusinessOnLine, go to Administration/Mobile Banking section and click Change/Remove device. You will be asked to re-activate the application and to define new PIN.

  • Is it safe to use ING BusinessMobile?

    Both ING BusinessOnLine and the mobile application use advanced security methods. You will find more information in the Security section on this site.

  • What should I do if I lose my phone?

    Log on to ING BusinessOnLine, go to Administration/ Mobile Banking section and click Remove device. Now your application is blocked until reactivated. You can also call ING Business Centre at 32 357 00 24 and ask them to block the access.

  • I can’t log on, what next?

    Make sure the phone is in the operator’s network range and has an active internet connection. If the problem persists, contact ING Business Centre at 32 357 00 24 and let us know about the problem.

  • Can I log on using different devices?

    Yes, you can activate ING Business mobile app on many devices.