We are empowering our clients to make appropriate financial decisions. We provide them with tools to make banking clear and easy. We are available anytime, anywhere. We continue to improve.

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Management Board

Supervisory Board

Antoni F. Reczek

Chairman (Independent Member)

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Aleksander Kutela

Member (Independent Member)

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Małgorzata Kołakowska

Deputy Chair

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Michał Szczurek


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Aleksander Galos

Secretary (Independent Member)

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Corporate Foundations



We pursue our business strategy taking into consideration the needs of clients, employees and of social and natural environment.

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Corporate Governance

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Internet banking security

Never allow third parties to use your identifier, passwords or authorisation code.
Do not use them on non-encrypted websites or websites other than the bank’s website.


Bank safely

We are continuously working on the solutions designed to protect your finance, but it is up to you to use them in the correct way.


Create secure password

There are many authorisation technologies, but a strong password is the easiest and the cheapest solution.


Use safe authorisation

You can make your transfers fast and in a safe way confirming them with your smartphone.