We manage our footprint on the environment in which we act

We undertake actions intended to protect natural environment and its resources. We engage in various initiatives and promote pro-ecological attitudes. We educate our employees systematically.

We protect natural environment

In 2010, we implemented the Environmental Management System compliant with the international EN ISO 14001:2009 standard. The System helps us to identify these aspects of our activity which may have positive (educating employees and undertaking environment-friendly initiatives) or adverse (paper consumption) environmental footprint. We also implement technologies which are least harmful to the environment.

On the other hand, the Environmental & Social Risk Policy (ESR) - allows us to identify social and environmental risks. The Policy helps us to assess the transaction properly and, if needed, mitigate the risk.

We engage our emplyees

Since 2014, all our head office employees in Warsaw and Katowice have used the follow-me printing system. This solution enables printing a document only upon tapping the employee’s identification batch against the printer. In consequence, in 2015 over 475 thousand A4 sheets were not printed, which throughout the year could be translated into reduction of CO2 emission to the atmosphere by 2,371 kg, consumption of clean water by 859 m3 and saving 40 trees.

Among internal eco-friendly e-solutions implemented in 2015 was e.g. e-mailing room, superseding paper correspondence with electronic one. The introduction of it allows for forwarding 97% of paper correspondence in electronic form.

As part of the Orange Bike initiative, bicycle racks for our employees and clients are successively mounted at our facilities. In 2015, 179 new racks were mounted in 55 locations and employees were provided with 38 orange bikes in 10 locations, inter alia in: Gdańsk, Poznań, Gliwice and Wrocław. Since the very beginning of the initiative, there have been 337 racks mounted in 93 locations and the employees have been provided with 59 bikes in 14 regional offices and Head Offices in Katowice and Warsaw.

The environment-wise education actions conducted in 2015 included the following:

  • World Water Day – the education action coupled with a quiz for employees, in which they could check their knowledge on water supplies. There were 533 employees who took part in this initiative. 
  • Environment Day – a special how-to book for employees on how to lower their travel footprint. There was also the Green Quotient contest, in which 179 persons participated. 
  • Eco-responsible competition – employees were invited to send and share their ideas on rational consumption of water, energy, paper, plastic as well as provide feedback on positive eco-changes in the office. The most interesting comments were published in the in-house magazine. 


We implemented further new technologies intended to save electricity. We modernised the electric wire system in 52 branches and on six floors of the Head Office in Katowice. Moreover, we put new energy-efficient electric systems in 12 new facilities to which units were relocated. The newly adopted technical standards reduced the electricity consumption due to lightening systems by 40%. We applied the LED technology to light exterior advertisement in 64 branches which were either modernised or redeveloped. In total, there are 202 branches with exterior advertisement lit with this technology. 

As part of the Ecosphere 2015 project, in 64 branches the old air conditioning elements containing R22 refrigerant (with freon) were replaced with modern air conditioning systems using eco-friendly refrigerant. 

In November 2015, the Head Office facilities in Katowice (at ul. Sokolska 34 and Chorzowska 50) were assessed by independent experts for the applied technical solutions lowering the consumption of electricity, heat, water, paper and related to waste segregation. As a result, the building was granted the prestigious Green Office Certificate. A similar certificate was granted in 2014 to the Head Office in Warsaw (at ul. Puławska 2). 

Caring for the natural environment, we continued to introduce additional waste segregation into: paper, glass, plastic, metal and batteries. Such a solution is now used in the Head Office in Katowice and Warsaw. In all our facilities, apart from the mandatory waste segregation, paper and wastepaper is collected and utilised. 
In mid-2015, our Policy on Company Cars was amended, which resulted in exclusion of the option to lease SUV cars, known for their larger engines and high CO2 emission. A standard engine capacity is in line with the binding Euro5 and Euro6 exhaust emission standards. Changing the rules governing business cars usage and making business cars available to more employees increased their mobility and reduced the number of leased cars.