We pursue our business strategy in a sustainable manner

Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in the operations of ING Bank Śląski. Constant and close interaction with key stakeholders being: clients, employees, investors, suppliers, non-government organisations and academic circles is of utmost importance in CSR as it enables us to learn about their experiences and act on them accordingly. 

The transparent and ethical relations with stakeholders are our priority. As part of a cyclical revision, the values the Bank’s employees follow on a daily basis, were updated. The ING Values (We are honest, We are prudent, We are responsible) are now coupled with the ING Behaviours (You take it on and make it happen, You help others to be successful, You are always a step ahead). They are bound together as the Orange Code – a set of guidelines applied across ING worldwide. In 2015, the launch of the Orange Code was followed-up with 400 meetings and workshops, a contest for employees, a special edition of desk calendars for 2016, online tests as well as articles in the intranet and in-house magazine. All these endeavours were to make employees familiar with the ING Values and ING Behaviours and to encourage workers to act on them. 

We predicate our operation on international standards – the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the principles of Global Compact drafted by the United Nations. We also apply the Good Banking Practice Principles and, as a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, we ensure that all shareholders are treated equally, as well as we pay attention to wide information access and effective communication with the participants of the capital market. Since 2009 ING Bank Śląski has been invariably present in Respect Index, the index of socially responsible companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. 

In 2015, we issued the Corporate Social Responsibility Report of ING Bank Śląski S.A. for 2013 and 2014. The second CSR report in ours track record is entitled Zoom in on Responsibility and it was developed under Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines. The report is available at: www.raportcsr.ingbank.pl/en. The compilation of the report was preceded by materiality research conducted with the use of AccountAbility Stakeholder Engagement Standard AA 1000SES questionnaire. As a result, the Materiality Matrix was developed with 10 key reporting aspects which represent the Bank areas considered by its stakeholders as the key ones. The key areas are linked to the safety, quality and ethics of Bank’s operations. Our key stakeholders appreciate innovative initiatives, they expect openness to dialogue and clear complaint management policy. They also want to be sure that we take care of our employees’ development and their job satisfaction, and that our relation is open. The report gives an overview of our approach to managing key reporting aspects and measures illustrating them. 

ING Bank Śląski was the only financial institution to be awarded with Srebrny Listek (CSR Silver Leaf ) last year by the POLITYKA weekly magazine. It was emphasised that the winners set CSR trends and might become guiding spirits for others. Moreover, our last year’s achievements were also recognised by Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu (Responsible Business Forum) in 2014 Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practice report, which listed 14 of our best practices.

Read the Corporate Social Responsibility Report of ING Bank Śląski S.A. 2013-2014

Scope of Corporate Social Responsibility Actions: