Our responsibility

Today, our decisions determine how the world will look and what the reality of the next generations will be. As a financial institution whose mission is to “empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business” we impact numerous economic processes and individual choices.

And having influence is inextricably linked to re­sponsibility. As an organisation, we feel responsible for many things – it is important that we define the goals that connect us and which are directly related to our business operations.

Priorities of shared responsibility

We have decided to implement the sustainability strategy in accordance with the 4 priorities of our shared responsibility:

Bank for the enterprising

Bank of equal opportunities

Bank of green investment projects

Bank which is eco-aware

Integrated annual report

Every year we present an Integrated Annual Report in which we summarize our activities in both financial and non-financial terms. The report includes important information on the strategy, management, results and perspectives of our bank. We present them taking into account the economic, social and environmental context.

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The Orange Code

Business ethics standards of our employees are based on “ING Values and Behaviours” set out in the Orange Code. Compliance with those principles is one of the fundamental employee obligations.

The Orange Code consists of ING Values (we are honest; we are prudent/we apply common sense; we are responsible) and ING Behaviours (you take it on and make it happen; you help others to be successful; you are always a step ahead).

The Orange Code is an important element of our corporate culture. It is also applied in many banking processes, e.g. in the employee performance evaluation. Employees together with their supervisors set the actions through which the Orange Code is being implemented. Our values and behaviours are also part of a recruitment process.

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You take it on and make it happen

You help others to be successful

You are a step ahead

We are honest

We are prudent

We are responsible

Employees can give each other Kudos. Kudos is our way of showing recognition. We use it every day as it is a convenient and good method of thanking others for the behaviours which are consistent with our Orange Code. Since the launch of the application (June 2016), we have given in total 100 thousand Kudos in Poland.

We have the Golden CSR Leaf

In 2019, the Golden CSR Leaf of POLITYKA 2019 was granted to ING Bank Śląski as one of the organisations distinctive in terms of sustainable development activities. The awards have been granted for 8 years, and ING has been present since the first round of the survey.

ING for Children Foundation

The Foundation's activities are part of the ING Bank Śląski Sustainable Development Strategy. So far, several thousand children have received help in various forms thanks to the foundation.

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The ING Polish Art Foundation

The ING Polish Art Foundation has been promoting Polish contemporary art since 2000 by building an art collection and carrying out artistic projects.

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ING Voluntary Services Programme

As part of our ING Voluntary Services Programme, we encourage employees to include financial education and entrepreneurship in the local community projects. The formula of the voluntary services programme is open and anybody can get involved the way they like. Our Bank gives every employee the option of devoting 8 hours of work per year to voluntary activities.

Our volunteers closely cooperate with ING for Children Foundation.

Team and contact

Joanna Dymna – Oszek

Director of the Bank's Management Board Bureau, Ambassador of the Sustainable Development Strategy


Joanna Warmuz

Expert of Sustainability and CSR



Klaudia Borys

Senior Specialist of Sustainability and CSR