We are customer centric. We sustain partner-like relations with each vendor

  • We offer products tailored to clients’ needs,
  • We communicate with them in a transparent manner, but first and foremost...
  • We listen to their voice;
  • We cooperate with vendors applying the same standards for all of them.

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Communication with clients

We constantly refine the manners of our dialogue with clients. Our clients are free to choose how to contact us and regardless of the selected mode, they will receive a comparable offer and top-notch service quality. We strive to get the most of the potential of our branch network but we also focus on other access channels.

Our clients can contact us 24/7 via Contact Centre (phone, Skype, e-mail, forum and chat), as well as mini-branches (ING Express) at shopping malls, nationwide and local IFAs and bank representatives. Clients may also use internet and mobile banking systems. In 2015, we launched a trailblazing, in the Polish banking sector, smart watch app; the application enables our corporate clients to access their banking details even quicker.

Yet in 2014, ING Bank Śląski was the first bank in Poland to start the pilot programme of sign language-based service. Starting from mid-2015, the video-interpreter is available in all our retail branches. This initiative was assisted by a nationwide media campaign with the spot presenting people using the sign language.

Last year, we also started the blog called Company purchases under the Aleo brand. It is intended to present the potential of strategic sourcing and share the best procurement practices which impact positively not only the procurement area itself but the overall performance of the company likewise.

Simplification of the information sent to clients was a crucial change to building relations with clients. The new standard developed after teaming up with the Polish language experts applies to all content sent to our individual clients, for example, complaint responses. For a few months now there have been new templates used for concluding online banking, account with card and savings account agreements with clients. The new templates are easier to read and more visually appealing. 

Customer satisfaction surveys

Clients judge ING Bank Śląski first and foremost based on their experience when contacting us. That is why, the form of communication is continuously improved in all service channels. Further, we check whether clients are satisfied with services on a regular basis. The results of the surveys on the clients’ needs and expectations are used to modify the client service model.

In 2015, we applied the Mystery Shopping methodology to measure the individual customer experience. We continued using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to perform a regular survey on recommendation and satisfaction; the NPS was applied for clients who opened a current or savings account, took a cash loan, interacted with the Bank at the branch, through mobile banking, online banking or who lodged a complaint. That survey is a key index that we use to monitor the level of our clients’ recommendations. In 2015, ING Bank Śląski took first position among surveyed banks.

The Customer Effort Score is being still used to measure the easiness of banking with us. It checks whether clients find it easy or difficult to purchase our products online (current account and cash loan) and to use online banking.

The First Contact Resolution survey is also continued. This metric shows whether clients are able to get things done at first contact with us with the use of direct channels, via Contact Centre or our branch.

Corporate clients and strategic clients also undergo regular satisfaction surveys. Hence, clients’ opinion about the offer and service quality as well as other aspects of cooperation with us can be continuously monitored. To measure the satisfaction of those clients, we use the NPS methodology for both segments.

Innovative solutions

We apply a broad approach to innovations. For us, it is a system of interlinked and interdependent areas. In our organisation innovations mainly refer to the unique approach to a client – we listen to them and we are always client-centric. We pay much attention to diversity of access channels and their user-friendliness.

To make sure that the hints provided by our customers go live and to respond flexibly to the market changes, we enhance the innovative attitude of our employees. In 2015, the Innovation Team was established. Its goal was to motivate and empower all employees to engage in innovative actions. Innovation Bootcamp was one of the initiatives to boost employees’ creativity and spur the out-of-the box thinking. As part of that contest, employees submit their ideas, and the best ones are then implemented in the organisation. Every idea is to address one of specific challenges that the organisation is facing.

In 2015, our employees could also participate in the so-called Inspirational Sessions, get inspired by ideas published in the electronic magazine on innovation across the world and from different fields and discuss them with intranet community members. The employees were also trained in innovative methods of products and services implementation under Design Thinking, Lean Start up and Agile approaches.

Complaint analysis

In their complaints clients indicate those aspects of our products and services which they find worth modifying. This is why, we pay attention to client receiving complaint response in the shortest time possible. In 2014, already 54% of complaints were handled within 24 hours (40% in 2013). This result warrants ING a position among leading European banks.

Using electronic complaint handling channels, clients can file their complaint and have it resolved 24/7. In the past year, we responded to 56% of complaints via the internet banking system.

Customer satisfaction with the complaint handling process improved in 2014. NPS result went up to +27% (from +15% in 2013).

We are constantly improving the clarity of our complaint responses. The way of complaint filing via the internet banking system was made more client-friendly as well. At present, a complaint report can have up to 3,200 characters (previously 640 characters).

As in previous years, complaint reasons were thoroughly analysed. Owing to the complaint-based information, the practice of retaining uncollected cash by ATMs after 30 seconds from cash disbursement was introduced, among other measures. 

Ethical standards

Trust of our clients is of the utmost value for us and that is why we pay attention to proper ethical behaviour of our employees. In 2007, we implemented the first e-learning training course that sets the compliance standards requirements, including the general business ethics standards. Each year, all the employees are obliged to refresh their knowledge in this area.

We make sure that all our advertisements, commercials and correspondence with clients are decent, compliant with the law and with the effective Code of Ethics in Advertising. We also pay attention to the clarity of our advertising message, using the guidelines of the internal Manual on the Principles of Advising on Marketing Materials. 

Cooperation with vendors

In 2015, potential vendors could continue to use the self-registration form on our website. 62 vendors completed the qualification process successfully and could later participate in the procurement processes at ING Bank Śląski

Last year, the works intended to implement a standardised vendor qualification process across ING Group were started. Its aim is to gather all relevant information on the vendor. With that initiative we emphasised the importance of the unbiased sourcing and that the procurement decisions need to be based solely on objective criteria.

All vendors represent that they observe the standards set forth in ING Bank Śląski S.A. Vendors Code of Conduct. When entering into cooperation with us and during its course, the vendor must abide by the Code. The key standards include: observing the applicable laws, employees’ rights included, in relations with the employees as well as respecting personal dignity, privacy and rights of an individual. Vendors should also provide their employees with safe and harmless workplace in health terms and consider environment protection by striving for reducing environmental burden as part of their business and undertaking actions leading to environment improvement. Moreover, vendors should observe prohibition of forced labour, child labour, corruption and discrimination.

Our vendors were also still active users of Aleo – a trading and auction platform for businesses. Following registration on the www.aleo.com/pl_en website, vendors could participate in auctions organised under our tender proceedings. There were over 65 auctions held via the platform last year. Our vendors and clients could also continue to use that platform to support their own procurement processes.


For more information please refer to CSR Report of ING Bank Śląski S.A. 2013-2014