We think about our community

We engage in financial education and we keep expanding availability of our outlets. We belong to local communities – two bank foundations and our volunteers support those in need.

Financial education

We want to know what factors impact financial decisions of consumers. We hold dear that they are as reasonable as possible. Therefore, we share our financial expertise in various ways.

We support individual clients in proper choices. For years, we have published manuals on various forms of loans on our website, and in 2015 we launched the Navidom service – a platform that assists in the process of selecting, buying or even finishing an apartment. We also provide information about the secure internet and mobile banking usage on our website. In turn, in the Społeczność ING educational portal, apart from the possibility to ask a question on the forum, we may find clear and simple advice regarding everyday finance.
In 2015, we also started the blog called Company purchases under the Aleo brand. It is intended to present the potential of strategic sourcing and share the best procurement practices, which impact positively not only the procurement area itself, but the overall performance of the company as well. 

Moreover, our corporate clients participated in educational meetings, including: 

  • conference on proper succession planning and putting it in practice – an event held in 2014 and then held once again in 2015 in response to clients’ needs. The conference was attended by the experts for the Family Business Institute and law firms, 
  • a round of lectures conducted by a banking expert on applying for the European Union subsidies for companies, and 
  • lecture of the business psychologist on boosting effectiveness when running a business. 

Since the end of 2011, we have been conducting surveys across Poland on trends in consumers’ finance-related behaviours and attitudes. The survey is a part of the international project of ING Group and is performed twice a year.
In 2015, we got involved in the BAKCYL project – a banking sector joint project to facilitate finance-related education of teenagers from junior high schools launched by the Warsaw Institute of Banking. As part of the project, our employees voluntarily conduct classes in junior high schools, the topics include: Your money, Put your mind into borrowing, Wise investment, Lifelong finances. The 4-lesson cycle is a compendium of finance-related knowledge for youngsters entering their adulthood with financial literacy. In total, there were 13 our employees who underwent a special training to act as volunteers in the BAKCYL project. Nine of them conducted 35 lessons in junior high schools located in the Silesia and Łódź provinces.


Engaged employees

Following provisions of the Labour By-Law of ING Bank Śląski S.A., our employees are entitled to devote 8 hours of their annual working time to employee voluntary activities. Since 2006, along with the ING for Children Foundation we have been organising ING Voluntary Services Programme, which consists in supporting employees’ social activity in the local environment. In 2015, 1,500 employees participated in the voluntary activities. For more go to the ING for Children Foundation tab.

Blood donation initiatives have been also held for many years now; they are organised in cooperation with the Regional Centre for Blood Donation and Treatment. In 2015, 101 our employees attended 6 such initiatives, donating 46 litres of blood in total.

For more information community-related initiatives please refer to the following webpages: