We create a friendly and secure workplace

Our aim is to build a culture based on trust, successful feedback and responsibility for tasks entrusted.

Dialogue-based Culture

We relentlessly fine-tune our tools and manners of forwarding information across the organisation. Regular meetings are always our starting point. Key information also reaches our employees via emails, news on the intranet homepage and by the internal magazine.

Once a year, employees at all levels participate in the Annual Performance Appraisal Interview – a tool for managing one’s own career, building a development path, enhancing one’s effectiveness and getting motivated. We pay much attention to make sure that the Annual Performance Appraisal Interview is based on mutual feedback.

Since 2008, all ING companies worldwide have participated in the annual employee opinion survey WPC (Winning Performance Culture). In 2015, for the first time all employees of ING Group were invited to fill in a new survey – Organisational Health Index (OHI). As a result, the WPC scan was postponed to 2016. Over 5.6 thousand employees of the ING Bank Śląski Group took part in the OHI survey (65% of all the headcount). Its findings helped to get the comprehensive insight into organisation functioning, including its capability to adapt to the changing environment and to ensure exceptionally high performance in the long run. The survey showed our management practices for specific behaviours, actions and processes.

Employee Development

It is our ambition to build a strong organisation with the assistance of mature managers and committed employees. Our employees may use a wide array of tools that support development and facilitate finding “an idea for oneself”. Implementation and popularisation of each of them is coupled with strengthening the sense of responsibility in employees for their own careers.

We particularly focus on the development of persons that are responsible for employees management. We believe that an educated supervisor means a well-integrated and effective team. Bearing our managers in mind, we have created a number of original development programmes.

Great workplace

We create working conditions that take account of the evolving needs of employees. For the sake of illustration, since 2012 we have had a pension programme enabling employees to save additional funds. Over 60% of employees have already joined in.

In 2016, for the sixth time we were awarded the Top Employer certificate, which is granted to those companies that are the best in pursuing the HR policy. In 2015, we were ranked first in the Najbardziej pożądani pracodawcy 2014 w opinii specjalistów i menedżerów (Most Desired Employers 2014 in the Opinion of Professionals and Managers) study in the Banking, Insurance and Financial Institutions category.

Moreover, we were mentioned in the Responsible Business in Poland report developed by Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu (Responsible Business Forum). The Labour-related Practices category presented inspirational lectures for employees, Meeting with Specialist initiative, in-house traineeships for employees and facilities for employees being parents and – as long-term internships – the Dobry Pomysł (Good Idea) voluntary initiative contest. When it comes to the Community Involvement and Development category, the following initiatives were mentioned: Corporate Readiness Certificate, participation in the Biegnij Warszawo (Run Warsaw) sports event as well as in the Globalne Wyzwanie (Global Challenge) voluntary activity, and also – as long-term internships – Praktyka z Lwem (Internship with the Lion) addressed to students. Finally, the education of our employees in the realm of ecology was appreciated by listing it in the Ecological Education category.

For more information please refer to CSR Report of ING Bank Śląski S.A. 2013-2014