Way of working

Employees represent the foundation of our business model. That is why we care for their competences, give them tools and opportunities for development. As an employer, we focus on implementing new, flexible working methods. Taking care of our employees, we undertake initiatives under the Well-beING Programme, which aim to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. The most important aspects to which we pay attention in the Programme are primarily employee health, well-being, and the balance between work and rest. The results of the Well-beING Programme are additional days off offered to employees and a unique Oncological Prevention Programme on the market.

Who are our employees

Every day, the ING Bank Śląski S.A. brand is created by over 8,000 employees. We hire not only financial advisers.

Our modern organisational structure accepts many professions. Our employees have various interests and passions which contribute too increased effectiveness and higher engagement in work performance, striving after development and innovativeness. As much as 67% of the Bank staff are women. Most of them are between 30 and 50 years of age. 50% of managers are women.

As at 31 December 2019, the ING Bank Śląski S.A. Group employed 8,135 persons. There were 49 persons (or 0.6%) more than in December 2018. As at the end of December 2019, ING Bank Śląski S.A. hired 7,690 employees that is 25 persons more than in December 2018.

The future of our Bank depends on its employees. It is their engagement, creative ideas and innovative concepts that make the Bank successful in business.

We know how employees evaluate us

Committed employees form the basis for our development, so we regularly ask them what impacts their work most and what they need to make it even more satisfying. We invite them to participate in cyclical and anonymous WPC (Winning Performance Culture Scan), OHI (Organizational Health Index) and Pulse Check surveys.

The OHI survey verifies how we can adapt to the changing environment and perform well. On the other hand, the WPC concentrates on examining the employees’ engagement in a given period. The OHI gives a much broader picture of the organisation and its health, as it explores many areas.

Pulse Check supplements OHI and WPC surveys. Thanks to the Pulse Check, we keep our “finger on the pulse” and we are constantly monitoring ING – our engagement, organisation's health and leadership and other areas.

The WPC and OHI surveys are carried out alternately, once a year. And Pulse Check is a quarterly survey. After each survey, we analyse the results together and talk about how to perfect our organisation – how to consolidate our strengths and develop the areas which need improvement. On that basis, we develop action plans and report on their performance.

A package of disability-related benefits

The Bank's Management Board made the decision to introduce, from January 2019, monthly permanent supplements financed from the in-house social benefits fund for employees with a moderate or severe disability certificate and raising children with a disability certificate. The first payouts will be effected in January 2019.

By supporting people who take care of their loved ones with a moderate or significant degree of disability, we offer an option of taking an additional 2 days off from work. Taking care of our employees with a certified slight degree of disability, we offer an additional 3 days off.

Diversity and equal chances

“At ING we promote diversity – not only because it is proper to do so. We promote diversity because we cannot deliver on our strategy without it.” – so starts the ING Diversity Manifesto which we adopted in 2016. We believe that taking various perspectives drives innovativeness, boosts growth and helps one in taking proper decisions and achieving better results.

With this Manifesto, we want to show that we are open and responsible and that our intention is to stimulate creation of culture that is based on mutual respect. We want to be a workplace where all can feel themselves. The experiences stemming from, inter alia, the gender, age, origin or religion differences enable us to face up to challenges.

ING is consistently implementing the adopted Diversity Strategy. The confirmation of good practices in this respect is the fact that ING Bank Śląski joined the group of signatories of the Diversity Charter. The Diversity Charter is a written declaration signed by employers undertaking to implement equal treatment policies and diversity management at work. To date the Charter has been signed by 250 organisations – companies, town halls and universities The Diversity Charter is an international initiative supported by the European Commission. The Responsible Business Forum in the co-ordinator of Charter-related activities in Poland.

The Bank was also included in the first edition of Diversity&Inclusion Rating. Diversity&Inclusion Rating is a new initiative of Responsible Business Forum, which was developed jointly with Deloitte experts. It brings together actors who draw strength from different dimensions of diversity, allows the assessment of a company's level of maturity in diversity management and an inclusive organisational culture, and is also a summary of activities in this area. The questionnaire that was completed by the companies consisted of 4 parts: the rudiments of management, Programmes and activities, commitment building and performance indicators.