Get to know ING WebService

Can my company's finances be managed without logging into internet banking? Yes!

Our solution allows comprehensive integration of the ING Business system with your company's financial and accounting / ERP system. Thanks to this, you will make the transaction and settlement processes in your company fully automatic.

What are the benefits?

Constant and full access

to banking data in real time

You avoid mistakes

caused by manual data entry


– you do not need to log in to ING Business – everything you have been doing so far in our online banking system can be done directly in the financial and accounting system / ERP


– you no longer have to switch between ING Business and the financial system


– you sign orders directly in the financial and accounting system or in ING Business. They can be signed either with a qualified certificate or our ING Bank certificate

Flexibility and support during the implementation stage

you decide whether you want to expand your own financial and accounting system, use ready-made integration tools or use our intermediary application

How to start?


Contact your advisor



Sign the contract



Connect your financial accounting / ERP system with ING Business



Make use of the advantages of ING Webservice!


Data exchange standards

The ING WebSerive service complies with the following standards:

  • ISO 20022 – Universal financial industry message scheme
  • Recommendation of the Management Board of the Polish Bank Association of 4.09.2009 on the adoption of a standard for the exchange of financial data between the client and the bank and the bank and the client on the Polish market

An intermediary application
– ING Link

We suggest using the intermediary application ING Link to companies that do not want to incur costs related to the adaptation of integration systems, and at the same time are looking for a solution that allows quick and easy integration with ING Business.

ING Link allows you to:

  • import payments in the form of text files
  • download reports and statements based on export templates in the following formats: MT940, MT942, PDF, CSV, HTML and other, defined in ING Business
  • sign orders

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