ING Business

Your finances always at hand

At ING you can access your account wherever you are. Benefit from our electronic banking system.
Use ING Business on your smartphone, tablet and smartwatch.


On-line banking service

Gives you access to all internet banking functions that your business needs. It suits your role in the system and makes daily banking easier.

You can also use the ING Business mobile application – bank in your phone!

You don’t need a branch to do banking

All standard operations can be performed online – from any place in the world, at any time. Our system will guide you through each process.

System tailor-made for businesses

ING Business takes into account all employee roles , making their work more effective.

Use accordingly to your company role

You can assign a company role to all system users. Thus granting them access to all necessary functions. We have prepared screens supporting their work, including an operational screen for employees making payments and submitting requests, or a decision-making screen for employees approving operations and supervising your company finances.

Adjust to your needs

You can choose from one of the dashboard for your everyday work, adjust it to your needs or create one of your own. You know best what functions are needed the most – and can place them on your main screen in the application, always at hand.

Use help whenever needed

After your first log in to the system, you can use the information bubbles explaining each function. You can always click on the question mark on the right edge of the screen and open the service panel.

Mobile application

The mobile application is dedicated to users approving operations and those who need quick access to the overview of the accounts. And you can check basic information about your account, such as its balance, on your smartwatch.

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Need more information? Go to our on-line Help Center.        Go to our on-line Help Center

System requirements

In order to use ING Business successfully, make sure that the following system requirements are met:

  • Google Chrome (latest three versions) is the preferred internet browser for both methods of authorization. Admissible, yet less recommended are the following: Mozilla Firefox (latest three versions), Internet Explorer 11 – for both authorization methods and Microsoft Edge login and password authorisation method,
  • PC, RAM - 2 GB minimum, RAM - 4 GB recommended,
  • Windows 7, 8, 10 operating system,
  • 1 Mb/s or faster internet connection.

Additional requirements, in case of using the certificate-based method of authorization when logging in:

  • An active USB port,
  • An enabled service of ActiveX scripts for Internet Explorer,
  • The installed Comarch Crypto Provider component for other browsers.


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End-to-end security –our common goal

Your transactions are safeguarded thanks to advanced security measures used at ING Bank Śląski. Additionally always make sure to observe on-line banking security principles when banking on-line.

How did WE ensure system security?

  • Communication between your computer and the bank’s server is encrypted with the TLS encryption technology 
  • Log ins and transactions are verified by private and public keys (digital signature) or by one-time SMS codes. 
  • The system we provide allows you to manage the security profiles for every user

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What should YOU keep in mind?

  • Set a strong password and don’t use it for logging on to any other system.
  • Keep your eToken or card safe.
  • Manage the rights of system users – logins can be limited to a specific place, day or hours.

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